Does workplace performance keep missing expectations?  Does your team struggle to reach a higher level of performance?  Do your change initiatives miss the mark?  If so, you are likely missing or underestimating key factors in workplace performance.

TXD color logoTransformation by Design, LLC, can help.  We’ll give you a more complete picture of the workplace and how it operates.  You’ll see what’s really going on with greater clarity and nuance.  In the process, you’ll have more options for bringing about the change you want to see.  Above all, you’ll be able to intervene clearly, confidently, and strategically to get the results you are looking for.

We are a consultancy based in the greater Seattle area that helps executives, managers, and teams gain a richer and more detailed understanding of their workplace.  As a neutral third party, we assess what is working, what isn’t, what is neglected, and what is missing.  We use an interactive, fun, and action-oriented approach to look at the contributions (or lack there of) of organizational culture, team dynamics, and decision making.  We examine multiple dimensions of performance including what individuals and teams think, do, and feel.  We even uncover unconscious or less conscious behaviors that can undermine performance.   With this more complete picture of the workplace, you’ll have the best opportunity for bringing about the change you want to see.