Our Services

We offer the following core services:

Assessment of the workplace for improved performance. As a neutral party, we assess workplace performance across multiple dimensions so you have the relevant information you need to determine that best path to take to improved performance. We conduct an independent assessment that focuses on how organizational culture, team dynamics, and decision making contribute to performance. Our assessment identifies areas that if changed can bring reality into closer alignment with your expectations and enable teams to improve their performance. We also identify areas that are working well so they are not lost during change initiatives.  The results of the assessment may indicate that better communication is needed from leadership or show that managers need to improve skills that will specifically help them better engage their direct reports. It may unearth areas of tension within a department or identify certain behaviors that undermine workplace collaboration and innovation.

Workshops for individuals and teams to improve collaboration. Provide interactive, multimedia trainings that improve collaboration within and between teams.  The trainings create a fresh look at the relationship between the individual and the team, the characteristics of good team members, the importance of clear decision making rules, the need to practice awareness of one’s own interactions, impact of the team culture. We use an approach that is fun, engaging, and focused so that action can be immediately back into the workplace.

Advisory and coaching services. Proactively empower individuals and teams to better manage change and decision making.  Services focus on empowering individuals and teams to form peer groups to learn from one another and hold each other accountable.