Embracing Change for Personal Success

At Transformation by Design, we believe you will be successful when you align what you know (technical expertise) with who you are (your personality) and how you engage others (partnership building).  Our Transitions Workshop and individual sessions will help you learn more about yourself, your passions, and how to develop a plan to realize your dreams.

IMG_0215Our Transitions Workshop will guide you on your journey to living a larger life, one that reflects your values, interests, and circumstances.  If you are a new graduate, a mid-career professional thinking about a change, or simply near retirement, then our Transitions Workshop will give you clarity and confidence about what the next stage of your life holds for you and how to move into it.


Jeffrey’s advice and mentoring was critical for supporting me through a difficult time. He helped me see that I was truly in control and that my greatest challenge was discernment.

Claire K.


IMG_0217We use our proprietary Transformation Protocol to help you move from where you are to where you want to be.  You’ll identify what is important in your life, what you need to let go of in order to accommodate the change that you seek, and what you need to bring with you that will support your new vision for yourself.  We’ll help you identify concrete steps that will turn your dream into an actionable plan capable of producing real results.