Expected Results

IMG_0212 (2)Transformation by Design facilitates positive change in the workplace by working with individuals, teams, and entire organizations to help them gain a thorough understanding of the workplace and how it really operates. We undertake an assessment that engages decision makers and frontline workers to construct an in-depth picture of how work is accomplished.  With this information, executives, managers, and entire teams can better choose the types of changes they want to make in order to improve performance.

Transformation by Design acts as a neutral party on behalf of management to determine where and why performance expectations diverge from reality. We help you see the workplace as it really is so you have the relevant information you need to decide how to improve performance. We conduct an independent assessment that focuses on how organizational culture, team dynamics, and decision making contribute to performance. Our assessment will identify areas that if changed can bring reality into closer alignment with expectations and enable teams to improve their performance. The assessment may identify areas where better communication is needed from leadership or show that managers need to improve skills that will specifically help them better engage their direct reports. It may unearth areas of tension within a department or behaviors that undermine workplace collaboration and innovation.

We recognize that this type of work requires sensitivity and careful attention. We start by creating a safe environment where participants can share candidly. We then make our engagement fun so that people actually enjoy participating. Finally, we design our activities so that they are interactive, insightful, and action-oriented. We use surveys, structured and unstructured activities, and small and large group discussions to gather information that helps us find order in the “messiness” of the workplace. We engage participants across multiple dimensions in order to learn what they and their teams think, feel, and do, and even uncover hidden or unconscious motivations.